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Why music?

Studies have repeatedly proven how music can impact a child’s life in a tremendous way. At its simplest level, it teaches the child discipline, focus and listening skills. These are all invaluable skills for an adult.

Music has been shown to improve their academic results. This is especially true of our children, who are all learning music in English. Through this and the understanding of rhythm, their English and maths improves.

On a sociological level, this kind of education provides them with adult supervision and care, keeps them out of trouble and provides them with a safe space to hang out.

Lastly, the children become part of something bigger than themselves. Some of those children will use music as a vehicle to form a career while others will become better and more successful adults.

Children can only benefit from this kind of study, becoming happier, healthier and more successful adults.

We see music as the tool to drive this kind of human development!

I am an individual, how can I contribute?

There are many ways that you can support us. This can be as simple as signing up to the mailing list, or following us on facebook all the way through to becoming a Champion for the programme. See more here.

We want to contribute as a corporate....

Any contribution made to the Centre is tax deductible. Contact us now and let us help you with your income tax bill –


Support a child

We currently have 112 children at the Centre studying music at a fraction of the cost. Support a child by providing a monthly or annual donation and claim this donation against your income tax.

MySchool, MyVillage, MyPlanet

Add us as a beneficiary on your Woolworths Reward or Store card and link it to the MySchool programme. We will receive a small donation, from Woolworths, every month. Best part – IT WON’T COST YOU A THING

MTN Walk the Talk

The Director of the Centre, Sara Hallatt, is walking with a purpose. Donate to her cause as she walks the 5km distance to raise money for the organisation.

Where does the funding come from?

MICM receives funding from a number of sources. We are always looking to be more diverse and sustainable in those sources.

  • Corporate partners & Sponsors 45% 45%
  • Government Funded 20% 20%
  • Private Individuals 5% 5%
  • We still need to raise 30% 30%

Our Supporters

These people truly believe that music has the ability to drive human development. Without them, none of our hard work would be possible. We would like to take a moment here to honour them.





These companies and individuals have supported the organsation with contributions between
R0 – R50 000.


These companies and individuals have supported the organisation with contributions between
R50 000 – R250 000.


These companies have supported the us with contributions of more than R250 000