Welcome to the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music Early Childhood Development Program

"Our programs at the centre are anchored on advancing human development through music and raising awareness about music education from a young age"

The ECD program is our innovative approach to creating early access to music education—a transformative, early childhood development program with a goal to give children from ages 04 – 06 an introductory program to music education that will prepare them to succeed both with an aptitude for music and with their primary school life in fast changing world. Our program emphasises on hands on learing and multidimensional delivery approach. Although the program is a music program, the program was developed with the consideration of the chilrens’ needs. Lessons are delivered through a network of partner creches in Jabavu, the program’s syllabus three lessons are offered at the centre on Saturdays.

The ECD program is an extension of our impact programs, we have designed it to:

  1. Expand the benefits of music education.

  2. Raise music education awareness from a young age.

  3. Develop an aptitude for music at a young age to increase chances of enrolment and success at MICM or any other music school.

Our staff both for the main music program and the ECD program are professional and qualified music instructors/musicians who through collaborative training have developed the ECD curriculum to achieve key objectives in alignment with our core mission and vision. At the centre we share a commitment to a close partnership between music and humna development and our innovative program leads children to develop impressive levels cognitive skills, improved confidence, academic perfomance and psycho-physic mechanisms.

Equipped with research linking music and key benefits to human and societal development, MICM designed the ECD music syllabus with the development of music aptitude as the main objective. Some of the benefits from music education are lower crime rates, improved focus and concentration, improved self-motivation and confidence, and better performance on academic and social aspects for children. Music has the ability to trigger beneficial psycho-physic mechanisms that cannot be induced by any other activity as effectively.

Key benefits of our ECD Program:

  • Students learn the basic fundamentals of music theory.

  • Students get an advantageous launchpad to learning music and learning a music instrument.

  • Gain from the benefits of music education that include but not limited to cognitive skills, improved confidence, academic perfomance and psycho-physic mechanisms.

  • Increased chances of enrolling at the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music as full time students from the age of 6 until Matric.

  • Through our partnerships  we have have sourced opportunities for our students in Bloemfontein, Western Cape and  the United Kingdom.

Refelcting on our humble beginings with the program in 2016,  we partnered with he ECD program began in 2016 with only # crechès, #students and # teachers. Since then, the program has evolved to better cater for the needs of the students who participate in it and drive advanced quality matches for the music centre’s applicants. The classes achieve this exposure through teaching the children basic theory and practical music through African song and instrument making.


MICM prides itself on their strong, united and enthusiastic team of professional music educators.

Nelisa Thsangela

Theresa Mbatha