Since its opening in 2012, Morris Isaacson Centre for Music (MICM), a purpose-built music Centre in Soweto that has been providing quality formal music education to the learners from early childhood development level to the final year of high school. We currently serve 340 students between the ages of 4 -18 year old. Our Centre teaches 16 specific instruments through a blended approach that takes students through one-on-one individual lessons during the week, and then music theory and ensemble classes on Saturdays.

MICM provides music education as a tool for human development, and activity is provided as an after-school program to the children and youth of Soweto. In addition to our main music program through our strategic partnerships, we offer access to other value-adding services that include, but are not limited to psychosocial support, gardening, nutrition program and public art program. The impact of our project over the past ten years has been contributing to the development of the beneficiaries and sourcing national and international opportunities for them to further their music and academic studies in secondary and tertiary institutions.