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We are often asked if our ensemble groups are able to come and perform at your event. There is always a cost involved in taking our children out of the Centre because of transport, catering, supervision etc. In order to better understand what you are looking for, could you please take 5 minutes to fill out this form.

What time do guests arrive?
What time would you like us to start performing?
Are you able to provide our kids with food and drink while they are at your event?
Are you able to provide transport for the kids and their instruments from Soweto to the event and back again?
We have a number of repetoires and ensembles. Which one are you interested in?
Terms & Conditions:

  • Please be aware that unless the circumstances are extraordinary, we do not approve of taking our children out of school to perform. This means that performances can only take place after 4:00 pm during the week.


  • Our children are under the age of 18 and therefore we do not approve of them being out very late on a school night.