In partnership with Izilimi Zase Afrika, we offer Ugubhu nezinsimbi zomculo wesintu which is a public program that aims to create an environment that promotes and accommodates the reconnection between the young and the old through our sounds that are rooted in our indigenous cultures and traditions. The program preserves indigenous sounds, songs and stories through teaching them to young children at the centre and outside community, where traditional stories are told and new ones are born.

The Centre received a donation of Marimbas and Djembe drums, and these were reserved for Ugubhu primarily because Marimba is not one of the instruments that are offered in our main music program. The program takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 15:00-17h00 and on Saturdays from 13h00 – 15h00.

This program is open to everyone for free and is very popular with students who are on the waiting list and those who do not qualify to enroll in our main music program and also includes parents. Ugubhu also gets opportunities to perform at MICM events throughout the year.

In 2021, we formed a partnership with Amandla Youth Development, an NGO that aims to empower, educate and inform the youth from under-served communities through the arts. The partnership provides ballet and yoga classes to our MICM students and beyond.

The program that offers strength building, discipline, and educational benefits.

The Amandla Youth Company, focuses on developing children’s muscle strength in a way that is both fun and beneficial for their development and wellbeing.

Coupled with vinyasa yoga, a mindfulness program proven to address a wide range mental health issues – from anxiety to depression. The classes contribute to leading a life that feels calmer and more peaceful, while cultivating compassion towards others.

Yet most yoga classes focus solely on adults, when children can benefit from this same training tenfold. Children learn the techniques effortlessly and easily develop a natural, relaxed way of interacting with the world that becomes a template for life.

All classes are taught by professional dance specialist with over 20 years industry experience, run by the director of Amandla Youth Development.

Ballet is a form of art with very high possibilities for playfulness. The concentration and physical requirements inherent in the training process of ballet make it a demanding yet a most enjoyable activity for all levels.

The dance classes are for young people aged 7 years-14 years of age. We teach in an intense and interactive manner, which makes it a good means for the instruction of and social dynamics. AYD believe that a path to unlocking creativity is through the arts and is necessary for child development and innovation. Research shows that ballet offers a boost in a child’s;

·      Self-esteem

·      Confidence

·      Attention Span

·      Memory

·      Co-Ordination

·      Social development

·      Listening Skills Self Discipline

Allowing all types of learners the opportunity to a round education. Learners will get the chance to engage in fun and creative dance classes whereby the learners are taken through a journey of imagery and visualization. The classes are structured in such a way that each child feels respected a safe and nurturing environment.